Friday, May 1, 2009

Simply Gorgeous Autumn Day...Well Thats My Excuse

This is My view ( the back view of THE BLUE DOOR STUDIO) as I sit with chin on hand taking a breather from sorting through images for the slide show (showing the making of the adorable ceramic slippers/shoes I made for the Greenhill Galleries Exoteric exhibition)that I'm putting together for the Blog.

You may not be able to see it in this pic but it is raining! real rain!!! and pretty chilly for us, and I have found a good excuse to play on the cyber highway (Well of course I was researching...)

Don't you love the fore ground distortion that the fly screen wire creates infront of the window in this photo....mmmmmmmmmm ideas for yet another print project. (layer upon layer upon layer... you know what I mean)

Any way, The farmers were right, Our long dry weather broke around ANZAC day with big rains over a few days and some cool but deliciously sunny Autumn days.

Anything deciduous rolls from green to amber red yellow or orange, the gums stand white/silver amidts the remenants of their discarded summer robes the apples blush apologeticly ( they're a bit slow colouring this year) and YES, we have a 5 ocklock shadow of green, spreading on the padocks between here and Mt Pleasant, not to mention the rest of south australia (Darn it... forgot to take my camera with me yesterday!!!)

So this post is really a diversionary tactic...........I really am getting that slide show together.

The exhibition at Greenhills came together really well and looks Fantastic. Thanks to Beck and too all of those that came along to the preview and opening it was great to see you all... + A few special guests for each of us...Yes you know who you are!

Slide show will be up over the next few days.

Till then Cheers! (Rose Maguire Ceramics)