Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rose Maguire, Getting It Right?Throwing Tea Pots off the Hump

This video is incompleate I'm creating this post as a trial to see how much I can compress a video file without compromising the quality or the upload speed. I have a feeling it will be back to the drawing board! Please leave comments on Quality and speed!

Thanks (Rose Maguire @ the Bluedoor)


Anna said...

Rose your video is great,need part 2 now.
you explained each stage very well,I really enoyed
watching you throw,you make it look so effortless,Makes me want to go back to wheel throwing.
thank you

ali said...

Great video, no problem downloading, it started instantly, lovely to hear the magpies too, can't wait for next episode!

Rhys said...

Hi Rose -
Loaded as fast as any other video I've watched, quality is fine.

Anonymous said...

just checking up on myself

Matthew Katz said...

My name is Matt Katz and I write Slipcast Blog ( I am collecting a master list of ceramics blogs. I have added your blog to my list, Please check it out. If you know of a blog that I have missed. Please let me know.
Love your blog,