Sunday, March 28, 2010

WET WET WET Stirling Market March 2010

Well I'm home and recovering from a very soggy Stirling Market day,I've had a nice hot shower and a bowl of yummy soup and thought I'd share some Photos of of our day.
It was constant drizzle all day but that didn't deter the visitors, it was a smorgasbord of colour filled umbrellas rain coats etc...

As usual a great chance for a catch up with Ang and market regulars. 
The ambiance is always great and was enriched with a fantastic impromptu jam session featuring Dylan and his wife playing Dylan's amazing Elder wood shepherds flutes, Morgan on the drum, Hanna vocals and shaker and 'Our Ragan'(T Shirt print-maker extraordinaire) percussion flute and juggling sticks...Plus another couple of guys as well. I tried to make a video but the sound didn't work.

Neither Ang nor I believed the weather mans prediction of showers  (lets face it they've been predicted for about two weeks now) so we were caught a bit short and our tent isn't quite rain proof. So I got to and designed a new line of 'Bubble Sheik' rain apparel which we launched with great success, in fact we made quite a splash!

That's it for now I'm off to bed with a book!

Till next time 
Cheers from the Bluedoor (Rose Maguire Ceramics)