Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Had to share my breakfast spot with you
Yes I can see the studio from my Morning cuppa spot

What a fantastic morning up here at THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO. Autumn has come and the weather is perfect for making pots! Expecting a Soft and sunny 25 degrees today so after my morning cuppa I'm off to make some more Slab vases.

Beakers glazed and wax resist almost finished
Just need another dip in the glaze bucket

The studio has had a major clean and ready to go. Mmmmm seems I have a few things to finish off!

Hand full O small Tea bowls PERFECT FOR GREEN TEA
 waiting to be trimmed,
will have to be a dry trim this time...

I've been playing with constructing forms from layering textured porcelain slabs....much fun! These will be off to our new shop/gallery MILAN ROUGE CONTEMPORARY CRAFT AND DESIGN in Stirling (Adelaide Hills, South Australia) when they're finished.

Porcelain Slabs, textured and draped  until they firm
 up a wee bit more before assemblage into vase forms
as seen in the background

Short version of the slab vessels