Friday, June 12, 2015

2015 Update and A Work In Progress from 2014 from me! Rose Maguire at THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO...MORE 2015 news coming...

Fishing In the Hippocampus
ROSE MAGUIRE      Porcelain 

Yes it has been a while and this is really an exercise to see how much the 'Blogger' dash board has changed. This is a lovely porcelain sculpture in the making that I did this time last year. Its about 18 inches in height and made from 'cool ice' porcelain with a light cobalt wash and once fired.

So much has happened in the past year or so. and the business is keeping us busy. We do get a chance to get out into our studios though. 
Right now we are gearing up for our third annual 'Muggs Day' event at Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design... so the cauldron will be bubbling with the aroma of spices from the mulled wine. We have about 15 local potters making mugs for the day as I write this post. 

As well as that we are busy making for our next exhibition here at Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design for the annual 'South Australian Living Artists' Festival in August. This year we are down sizing a tad with only  3 ceramic artists, Alison Arnold, Angela Walford and myself ( Rose Maguire) and the fabulous Painter Rebbeca Cooke.... Who said the middle of the year is boring!!!
Some of the mugs I made last year
 for Muggs Day... ROSE MAGUIRE
Promo shot for last year...
Topping up the spices for the mulled wine


Shukla said...

Lovely mugs,love to see more,the color pattern looks so good.Mean while you can visit,,they have large varieties of pottery,decorative and gifting items.

Anonymous said...

great work.thanks for sharing.if you want to explore more pottery items you can visit the site