Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Pedestal Platter Demo from THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO

Hi all, I've been playing with movie making again. Here's a wee video compilation I filmed earlier this year whilst figuring out a quick and easy technique to throw pedestal platters (cake/fruit stands)without too much fuss . Not only quick but I found them lots of fun. And I love throwing them all in one rather than two pieces ( we're so clever)
The finished pieces were made from Walkers No. 10 and fired to cone 6 (1220ish) after bisque. I was happily surprised that there was no warping or cracking.
If you're going to give this a try please remember to keep the water to a minimum and compress (everything that can be) really well.
So here's the basics, have a play....

You can contact me via the comments section if you have any questions.

Comments please on length and picture/sound quality and any other constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Till next time Cheers from The Bluedoor Studio 
(Rose Maguire Ceramics)


Erin Lykos said...

Hi Rose! Just took a look at your video! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing that! :)

Rose said...

Thanks Erin,
Lot's of scope!

Ali said...

Hi Rose, just got round to watching your vid at last, lovely plates, I think I might give them a try!

Anna said...

very good ,Its made me want to get my wheel out,thanks Rose

ang walford said...

oh ooops you did break your blog!!!!! thats the template i use for the club :P nice one :))