Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, really...
I should have just posted the same photo I posted last August. Same weather, same window, same computer distractions, Today was defiantly not my idea of Spring and it was great because I could justify a day of research (concept development) on the interweb (ha) 

Who Who what a day, the eyes have it (mine feel like they're popping out of my head)

If anyone has any Owl stories, myths, analogies or quotes (not from Edward Lear) I'd love to hear them (whoo whoo things are a flutter)

Meanwhile back in the Studio....

Although My Studio time has been sadly and severely limited over the last few months I have been playing with Tea pots with over the top handles.
I've avoided this type of handle for the whole of my potting career and now for the life of me I have no idea why, they're such fun and the wee pots have turned out beautifully...

My other wee play was inspired by some gorgeous Indian wood blocks that came into work the other day. Usually used for fabric printing,  I took one look and then couldn't wait to get back to the studio and press them into some porcelain.
So now I'm re exploring jewelery (what fun)
It was a bit of an Eureka moment for me but then I remembered that my dear Ali had had the same sort of  moment years ago...ah well.
What goes around comes around and we always infuse our own Ness into what ever we do
( comments please)
I've had such fun with these and after the first firing have a clearer picture of the next turn in direction I'm bound to follow.

So that's about it for now all that's left is to apoligise for the photos being pre bisque. Just you wait untill I get the glaze pics off the camera.

So ciao for now, or should I say bonne nuit mes petits pois. Thats all the news from THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO (ROSE MAGUIRE CERAMICS) 


Ali said...

Hey Rose, welcome back to the blogosphere! the block printing looks beautiful on white clay, its almost a shame to fire it, the imagery on your page is looking quite ethereal at the moment

Rose said...

Good Ethereal or wierd Ethereal?

Ali said...

Definitely good ethereal...poetic and painterly

Anna said...

I agree,with Angela and Alison,all of the above.
love your jewelery pieces.looking forward to seeing them glazed xx

Erin Lykos said...

Nice work Rose! I love making teapots with over the top handles. So much fun. Love all your jewellery pieces too! x

Shelley Whiting said...

The designs on the ceramic are very intricate and lovely. Impressive and beautiful work.