Sunday, March 28, 2010

WET WET WET Stirling Market March 2010

Well I'm home and recovering from a very soggy Stirling Market day,I've had a nice hot shower and a bowl of yummy soup and thought I'd share some Photos of of our day.
It was constant drizzle all day but that didn't deter the visitors, it was a smorgasbord of colour filled umbrellas rain coats etc...

As usual a great chance for a catch up with Ang and market regulars. 
The ambiance is always great and was enriched with a fantastic impromptu jam session featuring Dylan and his wife playing Dylan's amazing Elder wood shepherds flutes, Morgan on the drum, Hanna vocals and shaker and 'Our Ragan'(T Shirt print-maker extraordinaire) percussion flute and juggling sticks...Plus another couple of guys as well. I tried to make a video but the sound didn't work.

Neither Ang nor I believed the weather mans prediction of showers  (lets face it they've been predicted for about two weeks now) so we were caught a bit short and our tent isn't quite rain proof. So I got to and designed a new line of 'Bubble Sheik' rain apparel which we launched with great success, in fact we made quite a splash!

That's it for now I'm off to bed with a book!

Till next time 
Cheers from the Bluedoor (Rose Maguire Ceramics)


Uta said...

Well hello, look who you run into when you surf the net.

Rose said...

Hey You!!! now I really have to lift my game (as in post all those things I mean to but don't get round to doing!!!) You know whenever I can't quite get my head around something, I remember you just had to stand beside me and it would happen... voila! and you Know what, sometimes it still works Ut.
So whats happening with you and yours? Your paintings are amazing, can I put a link to your blogg or web site