Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hi and Happy 2010! Due to a  dead camera I have been tragically blog deprived, but guess what I got for my birthday!!! So I've been clicking like crazy and I'm back in 'blog land'.

The end of last year was crazy busy with the usual markets and the St Catherine's fine art show ( A great event and yes I did sell some of my sculptural pieces) 

Not to mention my eldest daughters wedding the first weekend of December. Such a beautiful and moving moment in our lives.

January bought my 50th and my lovely sister, who arrived from NZ two days before the heatwave and stayed with us for two weeks. Much experimenting with the movie function on the new camera (what fun)

So as January draws to a close the much neglected Bluedoor Studio is slowly coming back to life. 

Last Thursday saw the first Bluedoor Studio event for 2010 with Ali and Ang and myself playing with plaster. The girls were making platter molds while I negotiated a 4 part mold with eventual success. Although it's amazing what you don't get done in a day!

Well thats a very quick update, watch this space for a couple of slideshows very shortly.

Till next time Cheers from The Bluedoor 
                           (Rose Maguire Ceramics)