Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rose Maguire, Getting It Right?Throwing Tea Pots off the Hump

This video is incompleate I'm creating this post as a trial to see how much I can compress a video file without compromising the quality or the upload speed. I have a feeling it will be back to the drawing board! Please leave comments on Quality and speed!

Thanks (Rose Maguire @ the Bluedoor)

Monday, June 1, 2009


I love these new platters with the satin matt black spilling over into the strontium green, really effective! note the water filled bowl on the left of the table, we gave up emptying things... Angs colours were soft but bright and lifted a gloomy day.

The rain certainly didn't keep people away from the Stirling Market last Sunday and added a new dimension to our monthly event.

Ang took fashion to new heights with the launch of her new 'Street Grunge Sheik' Bubble wrap skirt (sorry no pics of that one) and I squelched the day through in Swimming Pool Boots ( oops forgot my trusty old favorites leaked)

However we managed to keep our spirits afloat with much laughter and the weather gave everyone a chance to fluff up umberrellas old and new. The were some great looking Brollies about!

I forgot my camera so have pinched some of Angs pics, follow the link to see more and check out Angs great Blog

I'm off to the studio to make some Tea Pots today (if i can find my way through the fog!) so till next time, Stay dry!
Cheers from the Bluedoor (ROSE MAGUIRE CERAMICS)