Thursday, August 16, 2012


Full Moon over LENSWOOD through a rain splashed lens august 2012

Wow, am I ready for Spring!!!! this winter at the BLUEDOOR STUDIO has been relentless to say the least, while not overly stormy it has been consistently BITTER and a bit of a trial in my Lovely (but unheated) studio....

However I've had some great inspirations this winter and have been 'playing' quite a bit.

This is a sample from my 'Sea Urchin' series inspired by my New Zealand trip in Feb. Due to poor lighting/photography the delicate green and gold is a bit washed out but enough to give you and Idea...These will go well in summer I feel and am still adding forms to this series, will post better pics when I get some 

Whilst I'm still after an appropriate glaze for my Fungi inspired bowls, in the meantime have glazed them with my green satin matt with iron on the rims...not to shabby I must say, sorry no images of the glazed forms as yet.... I still really want to find a white crawl glaze for them.

'NEST' series, Bird feeders, Stoneware with Porcelain slip and etching
I've been extending my 'NEST' series and working on some exciting new bird feeders this week, they are great fun to throw! They also serve the purpose of 'Prototypes' for a sculptural project I have in mind...Two birds with one stone so to speak.

Here's a pic of the progress so far, these ones have been slipped with porcelain and incised, just waiting for the 'dags' to dry before brushing of and applying the Iron oxide,which I will then sponge back...Will post pics when glazed....
They are a further development from My Owls of last year that some of you may remember and will have the same surface appearance. The owls meanwhile are still popular and I have some appearing in an interior design show this weekend! fingers crossed for sales.

'NEST' series, Bird feeders, Stoneware with Porcelain slip and etching
 Well that's about it for this Post  I'm off out to the studio to see if the Bird feeders I threw TWO days ago..(That's right TWO days ago...nothing is drying in this weather) are ready to have the holes cut out and the slip applied......So until next time....Cheers from ROSE MAGUIRE at THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO