Monday, February 16, 2009

Painting Day @ Mt Barker

What a fantastic day @ Mt Barker. It was so lovely to meet Gail and Don who kindly hosted the first of Gary's' painting workshops on their amazing property on the way to Mt Barker Summit.

After introductions and a cuppa Don took us on a meander down to the creek, which curls around the boarder of the 20 acre property. Although most of the water has gone for now there are still a couple of deep pools of glassy green water hiding along the rocky creek bed. With much chatting and clicking (we were all armed with cameras of coarse) we ambled down, around,under, over and up gathering inspiration for the coming projects.

The country is steep and very dry at the moment but the colours tones and textures of this summer landscape were simply breath taking.

Adding to the special vibe of the day was this little Alpaca (which had been born about 10 minuets before we arrived at the paddock) and it's aunty's.

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