Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As I mentioned in my last post its been a very busy year @ the BLUEDOOR this year and Ive been developing a body of work that started with some simple line 'studies' using a fine gel pen, I managed to fill up most of  a large sketch pad. That's pretty amazing for me as until the last few years I usually just do a few rough sketches to get the feel of the piece I want to make, splash around a few colour swatches and get stuck into the clay.

My very first Lecturer at art school used to tell us to draw every day and to draw all our Ideas religiously and couldn't impress on us enough about how much this would inform our work. I struggled with this as I was very much a hands on 3D person and usually started my journal with the few rough sketches etc as mentioned then do a drawing after the work was finished. Yes I know that's cheating!!!

Any way over the last few years I find myself NEEDING to start any sculptural project by getting a feel on paper, This usually involves a pile of the big cartridge paper a lot of charcoal and a great CD (very important!!!)  I find these drawings give me a feel of line and a sense of scale, its at this stage that the character of the piece will start to develop and by the time I get to the CLAY stage the piece almost seems to make itself. I LOVE PROCESS.  

I thought I would post the slide show images as photos as I'm not really sure if the slide show from the earlier post presents that well so I apologise to anyone who feels this to be unnecessary repetition. I will also share a few of my Ink OWL STUDIES in another Post. Till then Cheers from ROSE MAGUIRE @THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO.

'Owl Dreaming' stoneware 35cmx25cmaprox
Hand built Porcelain Beakers with iron oxide inlay or green alkaline glaze 
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Owls in progress, slipped and drawn into ,waiting for Iron oxide wash
'Owls' Wash applied waiting to be rubbed back

Detail Stoneware Owl

Stoneware owl 50cm aprox

The Family

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