Tuesday, January 29, 2013


What a roller coaster last year was.... a fantastic year I must say!
The last half of the year saw heaps of new work and the opening of an exciting new business with my dear friend Ali.

Key day at Milan Rouge Contempoaoy Craft and Design

A couple of years in the brewing we opened the doors of 'Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design' on the 2nd of November and have had a fantastic response so far. Check out our page on Facebook to see more photos....and don't forget to LIKE our page at the top right corner!
We now have the work of more than 30 Amazing and talented South Australian Artists with more on the way, every thing from CERAMICS ( naturally!) Glass, Jewellery, Painting,Sculpture, Wood work and textiles. We are hoping to launch our new fitting room with a fab range of clothing by mid Autumn.

A couple of my Uke mates dropped in on tour
down under day

The Tour down under came to Stirling last week we had a great day and an impromtu Ukulele sesion with a couple of freinds.
We even got one of the Cyclists to give us a tune

New arival at THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO....
My gorgeous slab roller
The other exciting event at the Bluedoor Studio was the arrival of my shiny fabulous new Slab Roller!!!!!! whooo Hooo so I have so many new slabby projects up my sleeve.

I'm posting the results of my first session for you to peek at. these are Porcelain with slip trailing and embossing...delicious.

Embossed and slip trailed Porcelain tray
Embossed and slip trailed Porcelain trays
Chrome Red and High Alkakine copper glazes

Embossed and slip trailed Porcelain trays
Chrome Red and High Alkakine copper glazes
Well I'm off for a date with the slab roller.
Till next time....Cheers from Rose Maguire and the Bluedoor Studio

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