Thursday, March 5, 2009

MMMMM Think It's Time For Bed!!!!

It's been a long night organising and editing this blog (where does the time go?) so it's time for a cuppa and good night from me!


judsculpt said...

Hi Rose, I know a little about you from Ang, I'm the sculptor from TTG Craft workshops. I had hoped to meet you last market day but it didn't work out but I will get up there to see you both, hopefully this month. I agree I spend too much time reading blogs.Judy

Rose said...

Hi Judy, I've also heard of you and your Sculptures via Ang and very much look forward to meeting you. The next Stirling market is Sunday the 22nd. Ang unfourtunatley will not be there this month but Ali Arnold (the lady with the lamps)will be helping me so if you can make it you will get to meet us both at the same time. Cheers Rose