Thursday, May 31, 2012

Autumn Leaves

Just a wee pic of the Autumn leaves on the pavement in Stirling on Sunday.

Ang and I spent a chilly but for the main part, fine day at the Stirling market.and as usual had a great day catching with each other and regular visitors. The afternoon entertainment was provided by Rajan and Will, strummin and singin up a storm, These guys are great! will post some photos later but you should all get down up to Stirling Market to see them for yourselves (Fourth Sunday of the Month). its always a lovely vibe up there with plenty of great food and coffee and excellent stalls.

This Photo is from a past Stirling Market. I really must do some more of this green glazed work...only have a few bowls left...So I best get out to the studio then...Must stay focused...Must stay focused...Must stay focused...Must stay focused.
Cheers from Rose Maguire at the Bluedoor Studio. 
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