Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Chicken Ah La Rose !

It was a bit of a stormy day here on top of the hill today so I had my first big sleep in for a very long day...Yes I had forgotten the real estate agent was coming this morning...Very embarrassing answering the door at 10:30 in my PJ's I must say!
As the Kiln was still cooling from yesterdays Bisque I spent the day cozy indoors enjoying the change of seasons. Mikes Veggie patch is ready for the winter Veg but no planting today!!!

This dinner we had a couple of weeks ago was the last of the tomato's...Everything you see in this pic except the Free range chicken was from the garden...Absolutely delicious

Succulent... mmmm I can just smell the roasted garlic and herbs!

This what I was doing while waiting for the chicken to cook! I'm sure it added to the flavour!!!
Well I'm off to the kitchen again and looking forward to an early start to my Glazing morning tomorrow and then I'm off to Mum and Dads for lunch.
So Cheers till Next time and Bonn Appetite!

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