Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Autumn again! It's been great Potting weather up here @ THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO. I've had great fun playing with some new forms, pretty different for me and great fun!
I'm not sure where these guys are going to go yet but thought I'd share the results of today's play.

I've thrown the body on the wheel and added stretched and textured slabs for the neck. once the neck is attached and consolidated I put it back on the wheel and give the neck a bit more shape. Then I attach a couple of lugs and pull and roll them to make the 'handles'. After that I have slapped on a thick luscious slip to create even more texture. Now theyll sit in the damp cupboard for a couple of days and then dried slowley. Can't wait to see them fired!
Till next time... Cheers From ROSE AT THE BLUEDOOR STUDIO

All slipped up

Thrown and Altered

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